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Does your dog eat too quickly? Do you know that this can cause serious health issues for them? A slow feeder is a great solution to your dog gobbling their food down too quickly.

There can be a number of reasons why your dog might do this. They may just be overly hungry or feel threatened and protective about their food or suffer from a medical condition. Whatever the reason is, gobbling their food down is really unhealthy and dangerous for them. Using a Gobble Stopper slow feeder will slow them down and help to avoid vomiting, choking and bloating.

What are the benefits of my dog using a Gobble Stopper:

  • Slows down feeding by 500%!
  • Eliminates the 2nd biggest cause of dog deaths from bloating
  • Could save over £1000 in Vets bills!!
  • Vet endorsed

What sizes will fit my dog’s bowl?

  • Medium Gobble Stopper fits the small and medium bowls (6-8 inch diameter)
  • Large Gobble Stopper fits the large and extra large bowls (8+inch diameter)

Advantages of the Gobble Stopper vs an Integrated Slow Feeder Bowl:

  • There are plenty of expensive integrated slow feeder bowls available to buy on the market, the difference with the Loving Pets Gobble Stopper is that it turns any bowl into a slow feeder. Simply stick the suction cup to your dog’s current bowl and hey presto!!
  • The integrated bowls are harder to clean. The Gobble Stopper can be simply removed from the bowl and put in the top rack of the dishwasher.

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