All-In-One H20K9 Dog Travel Water Bottle (700ml)

This H20K9 dog travel water bottle has a handy lid which turns into a little bowl. The lid is designed to accommodate your dog’s natural drinking style, perfect for your pooch to drink from. Ultra convenient to keep them hydrated while out walking, camping, on trips to the beach or just for everyday use.

Plus you will never have that panic of searching for plastic water bottles and trying to get your dog to drink out of your cupped hands again! Much better for your dog and the environment. 

Made from high-quality stainless steel (food grade – the same used to make human stainless steel bottles). A toxin-free Polypropylene screw top lid and a food grade silicone gasket to keep the bottles watertight.

Capacity: 700ml (25oz)





Stainless Steel


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