Coneck’t Nylon Slip Lead

The Coneck’t Nylon Slip Lead creates a trustworthy, integrated correction lead, eliminating the need to clip into a separate collar.

When used correctly a slip lead can be extremely practical. It is easy to put on your dog and take off, as it is a lead and collar in one piece. No need to mess around with additional clips and collars, plus it also fits nicely into your pocket.

The collar is created by slipping the end loop over the dog’s head and using the silicone stopper to keep the collar in place. Ideal to be used for spontaneous walks, training sessions as well as road trips.

Available in 3 colours:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Black

This item is delivered by our approved supplier Collarways.

Additional Information:

  • Length of lead 120 cm (4ft), the rope diameter is 10mm
  • Reflective rope
  • Delivered directly by our approved supplier Collarways



Black, Blue, Red


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