Easy Build Cat Scratching Post from Gor Petscat scratching post - the perch

This easy-build cat scratching post has been design to fulfill all your cats natural instinct to scratch and play as well as being so simple to put together! The Easy Fix range of cat scratchers were created to relieve all of the pain and fuss of building them using traditional methods of bolts and screws.

The inner tubes are made from particle board instead of cardboard therefore are much stronger. The rope is made from hemp giving them a more natural appeal.

Key Features:

  • Easy-build – does not require any tools!
  • No metal screws, fittings can be tightened with a coin
  • Made with high quality particle board for added strength and durability
  • The Hemp Rope on the post allows your cat to keep their claims trim and prevent them from scratching furniture
  • Soft and cosy fleece perch providing a safe and snug resting place

Size Guide:

Approximate measurements: 35cm x 35cm x 63cm


Gor Pets


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