Gor Pets CrissCross Cat Activity CentreCat Scratcher Crisscross - cat activity centre

The Gor Pets CrissCross Cat Activity Centre has been designed to encourage natural feline behaviour such as clawing, climbing, hiding and stretching. Created to be quick and easy to assemble but also extremely sturdy and durable.

The Crisscross Activity Centre features 2 tall scratching posts and 3 dangling toys to keep your cat entertained.

Measures approximately 60cm tall.

Why should I introduce a cat scratcher or activity centre to my cat?

  • Helps to relieve boredom
  • Allows your cat to exercise, rest and play, encouraging their natural behaviours
  • Provides them with a place to scratch! This is really important for your cat to not only keep their claws in perfect condition but they also use it as a way to mark their territory
  • To tempt your cat to use their cat scratching post instead of the furniture, try sprinkling a bit of cat nip on there.

Key Features:

  • Quick & easy to assemble
  • Covered with soft fleece material
  • Features two scratching posts and three dangly toys
  • Made from premium quality tubing and sisal rope, perfect for scratching

Size Guide:

Approximate 60cm tall


Gor Pets


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