Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Clean And Healthy With  The Beaphar Dog Toothbrush & Toothpaste Kit

This dental kit is super convenient and contains everything you need to ensure you maintain your dog’s dental hygiene. It includes a dog toothbrush which is double-ended, with a soft grip handle for ease and comfort. The shape of the toothbrush is specially designed to suit the shape of your dog’s teeth. The brush also has different length bristles to ensure even hard to reach areas are kept clean.

The tasty dog toothpaste is fluoride-free and meat flavoured to ensure your dog enjoys their teeth cleaning experience. It contains two active enzymes, protease and glucose oxidase which help to stop the formation of tartar and kill off dental bacteria.

Brushing your dog’s teeth will get rid of plaque and tartar on their teeth and can stop things like bad breath. So much nicer when your pooch gives you some of those sloppy dog kisses! It can also prevent sore gums. Apart from being unpleasant, both conditions can be indications of further problems ahead, such as gum disease or cavities.

Dog teeth cleaning chews such as Whimeez and Orabone are great into add to your dog’s dental care routine.

dog dental care

Want to know how to keep your dog’s teeth clean?

Take a look at our Dog Dental Care article for how to brush your dog’s teeth and how to spot problems.

Additional Information:

This dental kit is suitable for all breeds and sizes of dogs as well as cats.

Safety Advice:

  • Keep at room temperature and out of the reach of children
  • Always use the toothpaste provided and never give your dog human toothpaste. Many human toothpastes contain fluoride which is poisonous to dogs.
Weight .160 kg
Dimensions 4 × 25 × 12.2 cm



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